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VisualGIS is an ArcGIS extension that integrates the GIS environment with the VisualWorks Digital Video System.

VisualGIS is a combined development between Wish Software and VisualSoft - the market leader in Subsea Digital Video products.

VisualGIS is a complete solution for viewing integrated survey data and digital video from subsea inspection surveys. Integrating GIS and the VisualWorks digital video system, VisualGIS allows the user instant accessibility to all survey datasets via an intuitive user interface.

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VisualGIS provides a persistent bi-directional link between the GIS and survey data meaning that the current location in the GIS and the data displayed in the survey/video windows are always synchronised.

For example, select a pipeline in the GIS and VisualGIS will load the appropriate survey. Choose an event in the VisualGIS Event Table window and all the survey/video data windows as well as the current cursor location in the GIS will be updated appropriately.

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